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Bandman's Journal of DOOM

25 November 1979
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Hello. I'm Matt, a PHP programmer for a decently sized corporation in Columbus, OH. I moved here very recently from Parkersburg, WV where I was a network administrator for a large ISP. I enjoy romantic walks on the beach....errr, sorry, wrong page. I guess I *DO* like the romantic walks on the beach, but I also like computers (sometimes), games, mind toys, stuff from http://www.thinkgeek.com, etc etc.

BTW, since I have a perfectly decent job, you probably shouldn't donate to me, but if there's no stopping you, then here's the link:

Like I said, there's no reason you should donate to me. I only put the button here to see if people would still donate even if I told them not to. Do what you want. If I haven't managed to disuade you yet, and you still feel like you HAVE to send me money, tell me what you want me to spend it on, otherwise it's going for bills or food or beer.

I have lived in WV for most of my life, excepting for about 3 years when I lived in Columbus, OH. I really felt like the city adopted me, and I was trying to move back forever, until this current job came along.

Why did I leave, you ask? It's a long story. Like most dumb things we do, the reason involved a woman. And a car wreck that I was in, but that was a minor deciding point. I broke my hip in the wreck, and went home for therapy, and just never really left. Parkersburg is like that. It doesn't matter that the area is depressed and has very few jobs, it doesn't matter what the per capita cancer rate (due to the many many industrial plants) is; none of those things matter, because if you grew up there, it's home. That being said, I really missed living in Columbus. Mostly because of the Circus, a group of individuals I met up with. Check the FAQ for details.

Now that I'm here, what am I going to do with myself? It's hard to tell...

By the way, check out my blog: http://standalone-sysadmin.blogspot.com